Saturday, 24 August 2013

Get your Adobe Experience Manager: Classroom in a Book

As an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) professional, you will be interested in the following AEM book that will be available in early Sept 2013:


Here is the TOC listing:

Getting Started
Ch 1: The Basics
Ch 2: Evaluating AEM
Ch 3: Managing Content
Ch 4: Digital Asset Management
Ch 5: Metadata and Tagging
Ch 6 Multilingual Content
Ch 7: Workflows
Ch 8: Social Communities
Ch 9: E-Commerce
Ch 10: Mobile for Marketers
Ch 11: Architecture Basics
Ch 12: Administration Basics
Ch 13: Web Analytics
Ch 14: Marketing Campaign Management  
Ch 15: Dynamic Content
Ch 16: Integrating AEM
Ch 17: Technical Basics
Ch 18: Defining Requirements
Ch 19: User Experience Design
Ch 20: The Implentation Process

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