Thursday, 1 August 2013

Creating AEM applications that use the Query Builder API to display search results

You can create an AEM application that searches the CQ repository for assets and displays the results to the end user. For example, you can search CQ pages under a specific repository node (for example, in a child node under /content) and look for a specific search term. All pages that satisfy the search criteria are included in the search results. To search the Adobe CQ repository, you use Query Builder API. This API requires that you define search parameters, and an optional filter. After you execute the query, the results are stored in a result set. You can display the result set in an Adobe CQ web page.

When working with the Query Builder API, you can use a Java API or a Restful API. This development article uses the Adobe CQ Query Builder Java API to perform searches.

A user specifies search criteria and the CQ repository is searched using the defined criteria 

You can search the AEM repository and display the data result set. For example, here is the data result set for CQ pages located under /content and using the search term: "Geometrixx".

 Results produced by using the Query Builder API

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  1. Hi I am Risa from Japan, we are trying to build a search feature for our client, I would love if we can get more information from you about search and tag cloud. In addition, I am wondering that do we need to buy a mobile option for build a mobile site (like geometrixx_mobile features), please help us, coz I have been struggling for a while.

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  2. hi ,
    how Query Builder API is used to display the images from the DAM in the order image created-date