Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Create Mobile Applications for Data Services 4.6

Now you can view and interact with your mission critical enterprise data in any location at any time! That is right, you can create mobile applications for Data Services 4.6. For example, you can create a mobile application for a tablet that lets you view and interact with your enterprise data. The following illustration shows the supported clients for Data Services 4.6.
You use the AIR client-side API to create the mobile application as well as Flash Builder 4.6. You use the Java API to create server-side classes that retrieve financial data from a content provider and sends messages to a server destination. When the mobile application detects new messages, the application is updated in real time with financial data.

For example, assume that the mobile application tracks multiple stocks. When the server retrieves updated data from the financial content provider, it creates an updated message and pushes the message to the destination. The mobile application detects the new message and displays changes to the stock price.
The following illustration shows the mobile application that is created. Notice that this application is able to track multiple stock prices. When the user clicks on a row in the grid control, more detailed information is displayed in the mobile application. For example, you can view the stock price during the past five years in an Area control.
To create this mobile application by using Data Services 4.6, then click on the following link to read the full article: Creating Mobile Applications using Data Services 4.6 Message service.

Scott Macdonald
Senior Content Lead at Adobe Systems

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