Friday, 17 August 2018

Adobe Experience Manager HTL Examples

Here is a listing of HTL Community-based articles intended to get you up and running with HTL.

4 - Creating an Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 HTL Component that displays data from a Restful Web Service (show use of HTL and a 3rd party RESTFUL Service. Results are displayed in HTL)

6 - Creating a HTL Repeating Data Set 6.4 Component that uses Sling Models Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating a HTL Repeating Data Set 6.3 Component that uses Sling Models  (Discusses how to develop an AEM HTML Template Language (HTL - formerly known as Sightly) component that renders a repeating data set, including digital assets. Use of Sling Models is shown in this article. )

7 - Creating a Tab layout component for Adobe Experience Manager (Discusses how to create a custom HTL Tab component. This article uses Bootstrap and also describes how to use the JS API with HTL components. In this example, the JS logic parses a Multi-field component. )

8 - Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating an AEM 6.4 HTML Template Language movie component (This AEM development community article discusses how to develop a tab-based HTML Template Language (HTL) component that displays AEM DAM digital

9 - Ask the AEM Experts on HTL - Adobe AEM ask the experts - Sightly - YouTube

10 - Building Experience Manager Components using Granite/Coral Resource Types (shows use of HTL and Granite/Coral resource types)

11 - Creating an Experience Manager YouTube Component (how to develop an AEM HTML Template Language (HTL - formerly known as Sightly) component that displays YouTube videos.)

12 - Creating an Experience Manager Responsive Banner Component  (Discusses how to create a custom HTL Responsive Banner component. This article uses Bootstrap and Sling Models)

13 - Querying Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 JCR data (Discusses how to create an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.4 HTL component that queries data from the JCR. )

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