Monday, 8 May 2017

Creating Editable Templates for an Experience Manager Website

When developing enterprise scale Adobe Experience Manager web sites, you can use editable templates. An editable template lets you specify the layout of a page, You can for example, determine the look and feel of the template, specify which components are allowed in the template, and so on. An editable template is built using the Experience Manager template editor.

This article adds editable templates to the Experience Manager Toy Site. This editable template uses a policy which determines what AEM components are allowed in it, as shown in the following illustration.

The following illustration shows the editable template in Initial Content mode.

Using an editable template, you can create pages for your site. The Experience Manager pages have the same look and feel, but have different content. To read this development article, check back Weds May 17, 2017. 

NOTE: This Experience Manager developer article builds off of the Sample Toy Site built for Experience Manager 6.3. For information about developing this site, see Creating your First Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 website.

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