Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Dynamically changing an Adobe Experience Manager Touch UI Dialog

You can develop an Adobe Experience Manager component that uses a dialog whose fields are dynamically update based on a selection of another field. Dynamically updating fields is important when you need to present an Experience Manager author different possibilibies based on the selection of another field. For example, assume that an author selects a value from a drop-down field. You can develop application logic that sets another field based on the selected value. Consider the following Experience Manager Touch UI dialog.

When an author selects Background Image, it dynamically sets a Pathfield field, as shown in this illustration.

Likewise, if the author selects another value from the dropdown (for example, Background Color), a second drop-down field is dynamically set, as shown in this illustration. 

To develop Touch UI dialogs, you use the AEM Granite API

This article walks you through how to develop this Dialog that dynamically sets fields. To read this article, click https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/using/dynamic_touchui.html

NOTE: To learn how to dynamically work with AEM Classic UI dialogs, see Dynamically updating AEM custom xtype fields

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