Monday, 25 January 2016

Developing AEM components that display WordPress information

A flexible feature of Adobe Experience Manager is the ability to write components that can retrieve information from third-party web sites or network systems. Assume that your AEM requirement is to retrieve the names of WordPress Blog titles and display them in an AEM component.  For information, see WordPress.

To address this requirement, you can write an AEM component that uses the WordPress Java API to retrieve WordPress Blog titles

Then the component can display those titles in the component.

As shown in the previous illustration, the key to make this use case successful is to write a custom AEM Sling Servlet that uses the WordPress Java API. One issue you may come across when using 3rd party APIs within AEM is how to handle JAR dependencies, such as dependencies required by the WordPress API.

To successfully build an AEM service ( or servlet) that uses this API, you need to get the API dependencies into AEM. It is not enough just to reference the dependencies in the Maven POM file. This only compiles the OSGi bundle, it does not ensure that AEM can resolve the Java package. To ensure that AEM is able to resolve JAR dependencies, you need to place the dependency JAR files into an OSGi bundle and deploy them so that the main service that uses the WordPress API works. This is all covered in this development article.

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