Friday, 18 December 2015

Winners of the 2015 AEM Community Code Contest

During the month of November 2015, the AEM community team held a code contest where AEM Developers submitted functioning AEM code. All of these submissions will be discussed in upcoming 2016 AEM Community articles.

The AEM community team presents you with the three winning submissions:

AEM Quiz Component

The AEM Quiz component lets AEM authors configure a quiz by setting questions and answers. Question and Answer and other details of the quiz is authored using the Quiz Configuration component.  The Quiz component refers to the par/quiz_config node of a page. The result is a component that you can use in an AEM site that lets visitors fill out a quiz.

Congratulations to Praveen Dubey for submitting this first place submission. One of the reasons why this was selected as first place is it has addressed many questions in the AEM Forums on how to write a quiz component.

Vanity URL Manager

The vanity URL manager is a way for AEM users to manage vanity URLs. This tool is a new view in the Touch UI. Using this tool, you can filter by site and peform other operations such as deleting them. 

Congratulations to Lokesh BS for submitting this code.

Custom Carousel Component

The  custom carousel component uses panels and grids where author can see what image they are selecting and which image or items need to update. This submission is a great example of how you can customize out of the box AEM functionality to meet your business requirements. 

Congratulations to Ganesh Malaiyappan for submitting this entry. 

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  1. Will these components code be available to the public?

  2. Yes. They will be featured in upcoming AEM articles

  3. I would like to see the content related to how we can leverage the use of Ext JS beside of using it solely for Dialogs

  4. @Venkat,can you please elaborate what you are referring to. Share your use case on AEM community forum or post here.