Friday, 9 January 2015

Creating an AEM project using the Java IntelliJ IDE

You can create an AEM application by using the Java IntelliJ Integrated Development Environment (IDE). By building an AEM application using IntelliJ IDE, you have access to features within the IDE such as code completion and the ability to remote debug the application. That is, you can set a break point on a line of Java code used for an OSGi bundle and you can walk through the code in the IntelliJ environment to troubleshoot issues.

You can synchronize code (both Java code and JSP code) in the IntelliJ environment with the code in the AEM JCR. For example, assume that you have code in IntelliJ that represents a JSP component. You can synchronize the code in the IntelliJ IDE with code in the AEM JCR using Vault. That is, you can check in code you write in IntelliJ into the AEM JCR. Likewise, if you make a change in AEM using CRXDE lite, you can checkout the code that results in the code in IntelliJ being updated. To synchronize code, you configure the vault tool (this is shown later in this development article).

The following illustration shows an AEM application within the IntelliJ IDE.

This article walks you through how to build an AEM application using IntelliJ and synchronize the code with the code in the AEM JCR. In addition, it discusses how to setup AEM for remote debugging.

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  1. Hello Mr Macdonald I'm new to the AEM component development world and quite overwhelmed with it as well. I've been searching for videos or articles(videos in specific) that is designed more like a tutorial. If you can come up with something like that it would be great. However appreciate your work. Thanks for your time.

  2. Component development for AEM is a large topic. In this blog - you will find many articles on component development. For example for AEM Touch UI - see the article in Aug 2014 and then in Sept 2014 - you will find one using Sightly.