Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Creating Event Handlers for Adobe Experience Manager

You can develop a custom event handler for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that responds to events that occur at the JCR level. For example, you can write an event handler to respond to the following JCR events:

  • A node was added
  • A node was moved
  • A node was deleted
  • A property was added to a node
  • A property was changed
  • A property was deleted
To create an AEM event handler, you create an OSGi bundle that contains a class that implements javax.jcr.observation.EventListener. For information, see EventListener.

The following illustration shows a client making a change in an AEM web page that results in a new node being created in the AEM JCR. For example, a new customer signs up that results in a new node being created within the AEM JCR. The custom event handler listens for that event and responds.  

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