Friday, 8 November 2013

Developing a Java Swing Application that displays Adobe Experience Manager Data

When working with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), sometimes you need to query data that is located in the AEM JCR and view results. Typically you write an AEM component to display the results within a web application. However, sometimes you want to be able to view the data without writing an AEM component or viewing the data from within an AEM web application. Even our team at Adobe has these requirements. That is, we want to be able to quickly get at data without having to write an AEM web application. For example, consider AEM community members which of course is data stored in the AEM JCR. We want the ability to quickly view community members, scores, and even activity based on date values.

In this situation, a Java Swing application is a good choice to use to build a custom tool that enables you to quickly get at the JCR data and view the result set. You can display the result set in a Swing data type that extends javax.swing.JTable, as shown in this illustration.

A Java Swing application that displays data retrieved from the AEM JCR

For information about javax.swing.JTable, see

This development article walks you through how to build a Java Swing application that queries the AEM JCR and displays the result set. To read this development article, click



  1. I'll appreciate if you can please show some retrial of data such as author content activity in the form of swing app. Will wait until 28th

  2. I will try and bump this up sooner. You can develop some really good apps using Java Swing and the JCR API.

  3. Thank you for this document. It was helpful.

  4. Does IntelliJ required any special setup for CQ for this particular use case? Or it's usual java application with jar's on class path. In this case, can we use Eclipse?

  5. NO -- you can write this app in Eclipse -- just include the required JAR files.

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