Thursday, 18 April 2013

Submitting Mobile Form Data to Adobe CQ

You can create an Adobe CQ mobile form using JQuery Mobile API. When a mobile user fills in the form and clicks the submit button, form data is submitted to Adobe CQ. You can develop an OSGi bundle operation to process the submitted form data to meet your business requirements. For example, consider the following CQ mobile insurance claim form.

A CQ mobile form displayed within a mobile device 

When a mobile user fills in this CQ mobile claim form and submits the data, an OSGi bundle processes the data by persisting it in the Adobe JCR. A claim number is generated on the server and returned to the mobile device and displayed in the first field (see the previous illustration).

This development article guides you through creating a mobile form using the JQuery Mobile API and an OSGi bundle that handles the form submission. To read this development article, click:

Submitting Mobile Form Data to Adobe CQ

NOTE: For information about how to use a Sling Post Servlet to submit mobile data to the Adobe JCR as opposed to using an OSGi bundle as discussed in this article, see

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  1. You can develop an OSGi bundle operation to process the submitted form data to meet your business requirements.

  2. Correct - -you can program your OSGi bundle to use Java logic to perform custom functionality to address your business requirements. Some developers may need to store the data in the CQ JRC. Other may need to store the data in a relational database as well. IN this article -- the OSGi bundle stores the data in the CQ JCR (as an example to show one use case of processing submitted data).

    You may want to pass the data to other backend systems such as LiveCycle ES if you are a LiveCycle ES customer.

  3. Hi Scott, Than you for posting this tutorial
    I'm trying implement this but got bad request when I tried to submit mobile data. It seems there is some issue with var url = location.pathname.replace(".html", "/_jcr_content.claim.json"). Could you please explain how you are replacing with _jcr_content.claim.json? Thank you for your help!

    1. Can you send me a screen shot of your app in crxde lite to

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