Thursday, 7 February 2013

Querying Adobe Experience Manager Data using the JCR API

You can create an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) application that queries data located in the AEM Java Content Repository (JCR). To query data, you use a javax.jcr.query.Query instance that belongs to the JCR Query API. This API supports both searching and querying operations. For example, assume that your AEM application tracks your organization’s customers. You can query the JCR to obtain a customer result set in which a digital marketer is interested.
The following illustration shows customer data displayed within an AEM application.

This data is retrieved from the AEM JCR and displayed within a data grid control located in a client web page. The JCR Query API is used within an OSGi bundle that returns a result set to the client. This development article guides you through creating an AEM application that queries data from the JCR and displays the data in client web page. To view this development article, click here:

NOTE: Be sure to read this article for more information about querying data using the JCR API:

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  1. Great writeup! - i would like to see content related to the DAM Query Builder Java api

  2. See

  3. I am a newbie to CQ and i am often confused as to how the dialog development should happen using Ext-JS. Like i wanted to build a component on multifield where i wanted to combine few textbox together and eventually show them on the page.

    I get confused in these types of task as to where do i begin and what should i search in Ext-JS etc. If you have demo or video where i can learn about dialog development basics then it will be nice.


  4. I just created a perfect walk through that will address how to work with components, EXT-Js. See

  5. Greetings Scott (et. al.)
    Starting point: I am not a java dev (mostly SQL).
    I am tasked with extracting data from AEM and putting the data into an MS-SQL DB using SSIS & c#. I have built and download a package in AEM using the http requests, but now I am stuck on how to actually read that in SSIS.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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