Friday, 18 May 2012

Packaging Adobe CQ 5.5 applications that contain an OSGi bundle

You can package an Adobe CQ 5.5 application that contains an OSGi bundle into a package by using Package Manager. Once an application (including the OSGi bundle) is placed into a package, you can deploy the package to another instance of Adobe CQ. If your CQ package does not include the OSGi bundle, then the application will not successfully work when deployed to a new CQ instance.

For example, assume that you created the weather application that uses an OSGi bundle by following the development article here:

To successfully package the weather application, you have to also include the cdynewebservice_1.0.0.jar (which represents the OSGi bundle) into the package.

Note: This article describes how to package the weather application (that depends upon an OSGi bundle) as an example. You can build the weather application by following the instructions located in the previous link. For more information about Adobe CQ packages, see

To read this entire article, click this link:

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  1. I am trying to create CQ OSGi bundle that consumes a third-party web service. I'm getting the below exception while accessing the pages. Unable to compile class for JSP:

    An error occurred at line: 5 in the jsp file: /apps/stoxx/components/content/weather/weather.jsp cannot be resolved to a type

    5: ww = new;
    . . . .

    I also restarted the “ Apache Sling Scripting JSP support” and “Apache Sling Dynamic Class Loader Support” bundles. No luck J

    Could you please tell me what could be the problem?


  2. Did you follow this note:

    To fix this issue and ensure that you can create a bundle that consumes web services as described in this article, modify the file located in the crx-quickstart\conf folder. Add the following line of code to this file:*. Then restart the server. Once you perform this task, you can follow along with this article.

  3. i was facing the same issue to resolve it i just update the below line in MANIFEST.MF
    Export-Package: net.webservicex with Export-Package: