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Creating AEM OSGi bundles using CRXDE

You can create an OSGi bundle that can be used within the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite by using CDXDE. An OSGi bundle is essentially a Java module that contains application logic that meets your business requirements. An OSGi bundle lets you dynamically load, unload, configure, and control the Java module without restarting the server. CRXDE is the IDE that lets you develop applications for Adobe CQ (part of the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite).  

An OSGi bundle can use third-party JAR files. That is, classes located within a third-party JAR file can be used within an OSGi bundle. To demonstrate how to create an OSGi bindle that uses a third-party JAR file, this development article uses a third-party JAR file and EchoService.jar. This JAR file contains the following basic Java class named EchoService2

package com.adobe.myexample;

public class EchoService2 {
    public String sayHello(String val){
        return "Echo Service says: " +val ;

Note: Before following along with this development article, install Adobe CQ 5.5 (or higher) and have it running. Also, ensure that you have CRXDE, which is the development environment. Finally create a JAR file named EchoService.jar and ensure that it contains the EchoService2 class shown above. 

To read this entire article, click this link:

Note: This development article discusses how to develop an OSGi bunlde using CRXDE. There are other ways to create an OSGi bundle. For information, see

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  3. The main product docs for CQ 5.5 can be found here:

    There are some videos on the Day doc page.

    Thanks for your comment.

  4. You can also find CQ videos here:

  5. i need how to create custom xtype in Adobe CQ from scratch.
    i have gone through the site for this But unable to understand.
    Could u Please send me the complete process.

  6. I will investigate this process and create an entry here for you.

  7. Where I can download the CQ 5 trail?

  8. Hi Scott,
    I have started using AEM 6.0, one of customer requirement is to persist the user generated data in MongoMK, now how to approach that I can't find any good document on this topic, although adobe documentation is there but it is not enough.
    Can you please share something on these topic.