Monday, 10 October 2011

Welcome to the first Blog of Scott's Digital Community

Hi and welcome to my Blog named Scott's Digital Community. My name is Scott Macdonald and I am a Senior Content Lead at Adobe. I have close to 15 years in the High Tech industry and 8 with Adobe. Among my responsibilities at Adobe are working with the community, writing technical documentation such as ActionScript, Java, .NET, HTML/XML, and so on, and other tasks such as helping out on the on-line forums, etc.

I love to get out and work directly with the community when I get the chance. I just got back from MAX 2011 and I really enjoyed working with those attending the labs and other sessions. I have attended the past 3 years at MAX and have meet a lot of interesting people working with various Adobe products. Speaking of interesting, this was taken at the MAX 2011 party.

Anyhow - my Blog is going to focus on how to use Adobe products to perform specific tasks. The format will range. That is, some topics will be shorter blog items, others will be technical articles, while others will be How To videos. The topics will range in subject matter as well. Some may be how to create a Mobile application for IOS or Android devices that receive data from back ends such as Data Services, while others may be how to programmatically extract data from a PDF form. Some may be tips that I find useful on how to use the CS products such Premire Pro (which is the software that I use to create videos).

If you are interested in a specific subject, email me at and place Scott's Digital Community in the subject line.

For all of my videos that appear on this Blog, the following After Effects intro will be used.


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