Thursday, 12 July 2018

Creating an Adaptive Form custom submit action that sends email messages

You can create an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3 form and submit the data to a custom AEM service. The custom service uses the Java MAIL API to send an email message that contains the submitted form values. Although an Adaptive Form does contain an email submission action, by creating a custom service, you can fully control the submitted data by using Java logic prior to emailing the form data. For example, you can look up a value in a database and perform business logic on the data prior to sending the data in an email message.

The following form represents the form that is created in this article.

To read this development article, check back on  Fri July 27, 2018. 


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  3. Hi,
    I need to covert my AEM 6.4 form user input into PDF file. I am not using XFA based forms. I am creating simple adaptive forms and done with creating custom submit action but need to add code.
    Is this right to use post.Post.jsp ?
    Approach I will be using is to use post.Post.jsp and write code there to convert user data into pdf. Is this good ?

  4. "Adaptive Form custom submit action that sends email messages"
    `when the above article will be published